ah you guys are actually reading this!

Hey hey! I’m trying not to go nuts blogging because I figure you guys are already pretty sick of me and my family. But I promised to respond to your questions (from comments and emails), so here goes.

Q: Hi Sophia. Wow, is this really you? Or is this an April Fools' Day prank?
A: If I posted embarrassing childhood photos, would that convince you?

Q: What is your major?
A: Absolutely no idea. I’m glad I have plenty of time to decide. As of now, I am shying away from Pre-Med, Pre-Law, or Pre-any-other-predetermined-career-path.

Q: What music do you listen to?
A: A variety of things, and it changes by the week. The playlist I’ve been taking on my runs lately has Daft Punk, Cuban reggaeton, K’naan, and the Charlie Sheen autotune (best thing ever).

Q: Are those claw marks on your door?
A: Yes. Not mine, though (pianists have to keep their nails trimmed). Coco, the marginally more intelligent of my two dogs, claws at the door when she wants to go out.

Q: Tip for College: Party Hard, Study Harder, Pray Hardest!
A: Thanks for the incredibly nice post...and duly noted. :)

Q: Is it possible for you to give your SAT, SAT II and any other test scores?
A: I took the SAT once. I’m keeping all my scores private.

Q: Has anyone considered the fact that she'd attend Yale for free but would have to pay lots of $ for Harvard? It makes a huge difference, doesn't it?
A: Yale subsidizes a part of my tuition no matter where I go to school. My parents and grandparents are generously paying for my education, but I hope to repay them someday. Aside from tuition, I plan to be financially independent in college.

So here's a question for all of you: from everything you've read...what did you expect me to be like? Tell me in a comment. Be honest :)


  1. I just think it'd be pretty cool if you didn't drop this blog. I'm sort of not surprised you're picking the very traditional Harvard role, I picked Brown. Keep us updated!!!!

  2. I'd imagine you're a bit like me! I have a tiger mother of my own... but I thought your mom's book is hilarious. Congrats on Harvard and Yale! I got waitlisted at Harvard; I guess my parents weren't tiger enough :P

  3. A. Socially clueless. Never been kissed. No boyfriend/girlfriend. Too scared to smoke a joint or approach a cute guy at a party. But a very good writer.

  4. Hey Sophia! I think that lots of highly motivated students, although they are reluctant to admit it, have had parents like yours at least to a certain level, so it doesn't really surprise me that you seem to be well-adjusted and very interesting. Are you attending the Harvard Visitas event? I'm not sure if you have a facebook, but if you do, we're saving a spot for you in the Harvard University Class of 2015 group, even if you're not sure whether you'll attend yet!

  5. Orange fur, black stripes, razor sharp claws, piercing teeth and a tail?

  6. You have a great sense of humor. Congratulations! Your parents must be very proud!

  7. Re your question: Insecure.

    In any rate, congrats! It is good to see you blogging; I hope you will keep us posted on how things turn out. I think, for better or for worse, a lot of us have developed some sort of a vested interest in your success(maybe for some, your failure) and would love to help to the extent that we can. Good luck with everything.

  8. I didn't expect you to create a public blog after all that publicity. So I guess "insecure" like the comment above, but clearly that doesn't seem to be the case.

  9. I expected you to live in a fancier house. Your room looks well lit, but somewhat small and old.

    I also don't expect you to actually pay your parents back someday. That's preposterous. You're gonna write them a $150,000 check, with interest, when you make partner or something? No way. As I plan to do, you'll take them on an Alaskan cruise every 4 or 5 years, and when they turn senile you'll convince them that you actually worked two waitressing jobs to get yourself through college and law school. They'll be so proud.

  10. Socially naive, wannabe Chinese/Asian, somewhat attention-seeking... capitalizing on your Mom's fame, or rather, infamy, and applying to both Harvard and Yale simply to get the satisfication of being accepeted to both- with parents who are both Harvard alum and Yale professors, did you really think you wouldn't get in?! It's hard to believe you don't have a gut preference for one over the other, so why apply to both and frankly speaking, "take" someone else's spot away?

  11. Thanks for your nice answers and best luck with your college. It'll be tons of fun at college. Maybe stay away home is a good way to train your independence.

  12. Very intelligent, musically talented, otherwise normal girl, knows you are cute, but never been kissed or dated, want to kiss or date an equally ambitious, accomplished but very cute guy.

    Well adjusted, family oriented, and fiercely protective of family and very close to mother and sister.

    Very eager to know about how guys your age perceive you.

    PS: You are welcome!

  13. Please tell me about the college essays you wrote.
    Just to give me an idea.

    Got accepted at Brown and Cornell, but rejected at Harvard and Stanford.

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  15. A: Normal.

    I really do not understand why people expected you to be this socially-awkward girl who only cares/d about her violin (not that you shouldn't care about your violin :p)

    I hope that you do matriculate at Harvard, I'd love to have you as a classmate and hopefully as a friend. :)

    In the mean time, I'm loving the blog.

  16. Who did I think you would be? Without even reading your mom's book, here's what I thought: Happy, smart, beautiful, well-adjusted, and well-rounded mix of two intelligent and openminded people (as one half of an interracial couple heading to the altar this year, I can attest that it takes an open mind and flexibility and understanding as to one anothers' backgrounds). Also, I hope our half-children will be as beautiful as I thought you and Lulu would be.

    As an ABC (for anyone else reading this, an American-Born Chinese) with my own Tiger Mom, I know that above all, I'm loved, and that all that was done for me (and as a child, sometimes I admittedly thought "to me") was to make me a better, smarter, and ultimately happier person. I thought that that's who you would be, too.

    Keep being out there. It's not attention seeking to participate in an unlimited forum that is becoming more and more the standard mode of interpersonal communication. [ Any self- validation on top of that is just a bonus. ;) ]

    Don't listen to the haters. If they had tiger moms like we did, they'd find something else to do that's far more productive with their time than trolling and spewing negativity. Best of luck to all your future endeavors, both personal and public.

  17. I expect that you are fairly social, since both your parents seem very social and I find that to be a fairly good indicator of how social their children will be. Also, being the oldest and not having your mom setting up playdates for you would likely mean that you'd be expected to take more social initiative.

    The people who expect you to be a robot either aren't thinking very clearly or are just upset about your mom's book, since parenting can be such a touchy topic. Honestly, it shouldn't be some big amazement that you seem fairly "normal," whatever that actually means.

    As a high school senior myself, I wish you the best of luck with your college decision and the rest of senior year!

  18. I know you want to show that you're normal despite your mother. That's cool - the world shouldn't pass judgment upon you just because your mother is kinda crazy. But since you're a smart girl, please understand this: there are many thinks that contributed to who you are other than your mother's parenting style which includes good genes, a chill(er) dad, parents who speak good English, etc. However, just because you were able to get into Yale/Harvard and survived the tiger without being too mentally scared doesn't vindicate your mother's parenting style when applied to others - others who may not have the benefit of good genes, good looks, a college town environment, etc.

    At Harvard / Yale you will meet many other students (mostly Asian males) who had parents who believed in tiger parenting and, as a result, are so awkward and poorly adjusted that they would have been better off with non-tiger parents and no Harvard degree.

    And go to Harvard. I love Yale but you need to get as far away as possible - even if it's just 3 hours.

    - Yale '06

  19. Love your mom's book. I actually bought several copies to help it reach #1 in the NYT list, sadly it peaked at 2.

    Anyway, don't care about pathetic insults from some Yale and Harvard rejects. They are just bitter.

  20. Congratulations on your Uni offers and wherever you decide to go, you'll do great!
    Your mum's book struck a real chord with me, being Chinese too and raising a child in the West (UK).
    Admittedly, I am very much a tiger mum too, but as with all mums, I worry that I'm doing the right thing.
    You are the inspiration and living proof that 'our' methods do work, but not without hard work (by everyone involved), discipline and lots and lots of sacrifices.
    And for the record: You are who you are and at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what people think. :)

  21. Hello Sophia! :) I am so glad you are continuing to post!
    Hmm well I guess I thought of you as very sweet, talented, and determined, yet sort of frail on the inside. But I'm probably totally wrong about the frail part!
    I adore Daft Punk too! We should swap playlists! Also, do you have any tips for getting into your dream college? Thank you so much dear!

  22. BTW, are those claw marks on the door for when you were locked in by your Tiger mom? (j/K) Enjoy your time in college.

  23. Do you feel closer to your Jewish or Chinese roots? Can't imagine the deliciousness of the food in your house over Passover.

  24. Have you ever had to work at a real job? Please don't take this the wrong way, I was just curious.

  25. Tiger Cubs don't work real jobs... you should know this.

  26. I don't know if everyone else read the same book I did, but I was really picturing more of a leather jacket wearing, Harley driving, 5 boyfriends at a time kind of girl.

    But really, there's no way you've ever had a boyfriend or kissed a boy. Nope. Surely tiger mom pays that blonde character you've been seen running around with to sell more books.

    Also I agree with "Anonymous", WHY DON'T YOU LIVE IN A FANCIER HOUSE? I mean come on tiger mom, I guess Yale Law doesnt pay what it used to... but really is there no appreciation for good lighting anymore? (This is sarcasm because, dude, that's a weird thing to say.)

    Anyways, I'm just pulling this out of the air but I'd assume you participate in some type of greenhouse constructing organization. You also strike me as the type who will avidly and until death support her high elected student council leaders. Definitely.


  27. My my, you are cute - I would love to catch you by the toe!

  28. Deep down inside of you I definitely think there is a B-A-D girl just waiting to claw her way out. You're in the public eye at the moment--now is your chance. See, Lilo, Paris, Miley, Chaz Sheen. You could present at the MTV VMAs, after-party with Diddy (or whatever his name us now), etc. You could be famous for being famous. Think about it. So... if you can juggle studies at H/Y while still being scandalous, then go for it. But keep your priorities straight--academically talented women are chronically underappreciated. Trust me.
    A DUI or a Maxim shoot could take you a long way. Plus you are half-Jewish. Hollywood will LOVE you. See, Sean Penn, Natalie Portman. Don't drift off into obscurity and definitely don't study law to be a lawyer or a law professor. Instead, be Lady Gaga!

  29. Hello, my name is KF Li. I am Asian and I didnt go to Harvard or Yale. I did trade losing my virginity at a reasonable age for years of music study designed to impress people that no longer exist. My mother's weather-beaten soul bears many callouses of shame. It is impossible for me to view this "Tiger Mother/Cub" phenomenon with anything remotely passing for objectivity. But I'm the only Asian on the blog.

    I suppose I should congratulate Sophia on her admittance. It's not every day a wealthy legacy student gets admitted to Harvard or Yale. After all, those letters only come out in April, and to a lesser extent in December. I would also like to congratulate Bristol Palin for being admitted to Bastard Factory U. But returning to Sophia, I feel sorry for her. Sadly, the time between highschool and college will be the best of her life - sit back and bask in the kudos and for the first time the very conditional love of your parents. Soon the pressure will begin all over again in college, then again in grad school, then again as the job AND if you do find time to mate from the very beginning with your own children then grandchildren inevitably dying the day before your grandchild is re-elected becoming the first Asian two-term President of the United States.

    So enjoy that and the abortion in Mexico because at 29 you still don't know how to put a condom on a schlong and then got too busy to notice you were pregnant until it was too late to handle your business stateside.

    My advice to you Sophia would be to remember that most people who look like us die illiterate in the rice fields of poverty, just like every other race (except maybe white people - no wait, yes white people too, I forgot about Russia and the American South). Finally, to answer your question, like everyone else in my generation I just figure you're like that character in the Joy Luck Club. The one who mortifies everyone by dating a white guy...or not getting pregnant by the 11 year-old...or the chess player. Also, don't think your biracialness or Obama means you can go dating a black guy.

  30. Hey Sophia,

    Way to embrace the spotlight! I think I would be hiding...Personally, I hope you end up at Yale, but go wherever works for you, and try to ignore all the crazies posting inane insults. They are clearly jealous. Give me a call when you're here for Bulldog Days? Get my number from CJ. And let's drag the boys out somewhere again. Maybe Dave would appreciate no chopsticks...?


  31. who loves short shorts!?

  32. http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2003/11/20/the-cult-of-yale-bfor-god/

    Go to Yale.

  33. Hi Sophia. It's me again. I'm continuing to love your blog! I linked to it again from Above the Law. (Granted, you've only done two posts, but still - it's fascinating to get a peek inside your decisionmaking process.)

    The comments on your posts are fun to read. A few are idiotic, but most are thoughtful and/or funny. They show that you're doing a great job of engaging your audience.

    It's interesting to read the different opinions on where you should matriculate. I have a suggestion for your next post: a reader poll. It's easy to set one up, through a free polling service like Vizu or Pollhost; they'll give you the html that you can just drop into your post.

    Based on the comments, I get the sense that a majority of your readers favor Harvard. But comments aren't necessarily representative of your readership as a whole; maybe we Harvard partisans are just more vocal. A reader poll would provide you with a more accurate assessment of overall sentiment.

    Please keep writing. You're such a pleasure to read!

    David Lat

  34. Um...David...dontcha think it's a troll scam and your advice is wasted? Not to ruin anybody's fun/fantasy...

  35. YO BRING OUT THE OTHER GLASS-SMASHING CUBBIE! hahaha We'd love to hear from her toooo!

  36. I expect you to be alot like my girlfriend (who is Korean btw). Very personable, easy to get along with in social settings, and quite intelligent. But, I expect when it comes to close personal relationships, your pent up anger at being raised in the manner in which you mom has written ia going to rear its ugly head, and you will end up being verbally and emotionally, if not physically abusive, with any serious boyfriend you have.

    My girlfriend was subjected to the same tpe of emotionally heartless upbringing that you were -- no ability to socialize like a normal American child, overblown expectations of what "success" requires and entails, and treatment that should not be countenanced by a loving parent. Here is an anctedotal story from her life that sounds like it could fit in yours -- she wanted to go to a school dance at age 14, but that clearly wasn't allowed. For even brining it up, her mother took all of her clothes, stuffed it into garbage bags, and threw them on the porch, telling her that she could either forget about ever going to a dance or she could move out.

    My recommendation would be to seek therapy as soon as you get to college. Even if you think you are fine, my bet is that you are going to find that you will not have the tools to deal with close personal relationships.

    Not hating, best of luck

  37. From reading your mom's book, I expect you to be every parent's dream. Well-rounded, polite, intelligent, witty, and full of big goals. =)

  38. Accomplished, focused, intelligent, witty, eloquent, driven, beautiful, talented, caring, and NORMAL. And from what I can tell, that is true. As the daughter of a "Tiger Mom" as well, I believe that we were raised wonderfully. Our parents may "love" us differently than those of others, but even if I could go back, I would not wish to change anything in my childhood/adolescense. And it seems that this type of parenting works! :) I am half Asian and half Caucasian (mulitiracial ftw!), and will be attending Harvard in the fall. I hope that we can become close friends! :) I read your mom's book and loved it (there were parts when I had to run up to my mom and say, "You SO do this too! Dont deny it!" ), but I understand that you dont always want to be associated with your mother. College will make you independent, and I can't wait to begin!!! Will you be going to the Harvard Visitas? Im pretty much rambling right now...so Ill stop! But I hope to see you soon! Go Crimson!!:)

    Btw- just reading about all of your accomplishments really humbles me


  39. Dear Sophia,

    Let me make a small recommendation to you... JOIN HARVARD CLASS OF 2015! :) You will love Harvard, the students, the history, etc etc. After visiting, I find Harvard and I to be an excellent fit. Besides, I frankly don't even know where Yale is.

    All joking aside, if you're truly undecided, be sure to go to both Visitas and BullDog Days (or whatever Yale calls it...). Also join the H'15 fb group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_163737787013806

    You're an avid pianist... piano is my best instrument. I went to Interlochen for 6 years. Did you go?

    -Spencer Johnson, your future Harvard classmate

  40. Hi, Sophia:))

    Congratulations on everything~~!!!

    Many thanks to your mom for sharing your touching stories with us, which inspired me a lot and recalled some of my childhood memories.

    Here are some of my comments to share with you and readers of this blog:

    To tell the truth, we, Taiwanese students, have almost the same childhood memories as Sophia and LuLu did, but we never felt like robots nor like a left out.

    I am not damaged nor ruined, and I can tell for sure that there are no specific connections between Chinese parenting and critical thinking or between Chinese parenting and making no friends. Being parented in a Chinese way doesn't mean that we can't think critically or would have obstacles being with people. Even my mom not allowed me to go to any sleepovers, I do make friends in my class. In my opinions, to think critically depends more on my endeavors while making friends depends more on whether I am a kind, easygoing and honest people or not, but whatever they depends on, Chinese parenting is the last reason in these thesis.

    To me, being Chinese parented is a philosophy like what religion we chose or what value we took in our lives.Some people count on money, some people count on grades while some people count on meanings. There's no correct answer to being Chinese parented or not. Moreover, this is not the point for us to argue with.

    Why don't we just take it easy, and enjoy our reading.

  41. For 思慧,

    Your name is elegant and powerful:))

    I expect you to be a sweet 18 girl like no other:))

    You are adorable, smart, fashion while sometimes feel angry. You listen to musics, watch movies, read books and hang out with friends:))

    Here's a book for reference,
    Lang Lang's autobiography,
    Journey Of A Thousand Miles: My Story.

    Lang Lang's story is also a story of Chinese parenting and music. Moreover, his father once forced him to commit suicide if he had decided to give up piano.I am glad he is alive because I love his music sooooooooooo much~~!!!


  42. Sophia its funny how people think you turned out 'socially clueless' or 'naive' just because your parents seldom permits you to a sleepover or attend playdates when you were young.. And when I read stuff like that I'm like, 'WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE, REEALLLY!?! It's not like she grew up in Jupiter or something!' haha If anything, they are the ones who are 'Clueless' or 'Naive' due to their obvious lack of knowledge & INSIGHT on the kind of strict but loving upbringing that you had.

    Therefore, hunnie... You are just as NORMAL as you can get! You're one of those hot senior highschool kid who's got a bf, loves to txt, occassionally watches jersey shore, updated with the celebrity world, hang out with your crazy friends, gossip in the cafeteria, chill at coffee shops, drives her own car... but the difference between You and some typical hot senior highschool kid is that, You actually do very well in school WHILE STAYING HOT, bcoz NOT A LOT of hot hs kids can pull that off.
    (PS: Aside from Piano Competitions, do you also take part on those math & science or debate competitions? Bcoz if you do then dude... thats hotter. daayyuumm..)
    And btw, I believe you will NEVER be on that show called 'Teen Mom', considering that everyone else nowadays are getting pregnant even before their highschool diplomas were being handed to them!

    Anyhoooooo, with college, Dont be scared to act foolish, just play safe & PRIORITIZE.

    Ok thats about it, you ALIEN cubbbbie! uhmm coz you're from Jupiter right!?! hahahaha


  43. oh and btw, I grew up the same as you, so I dunno if my thoughts on the above comment on how I expect you to be is accurate. hehe feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!


  44. How long is this blog going to last?

  45. Just curious, how has the book publishing affected yours and your sister's daily life?

    I imagine that most of the kids at your school have similar "tiger mom" parents but was it still an awkward situation?

    P.S. Unless I choose Stanford or you choose Yale, I'll see you next year!

  46. In one word: wholesome :)

  47. My Answer to Your Question:

    I expected you to be...um...uptight?? I was shocked to see you wear make-up. A lot of competitive teens don't wear make-up and dress a lot uglier than you...so I like that about you--that you dress nice (modestly, but nice) and make an effort to pretty-up your face. :)
    I was also surprised to see that you have rather small hands. I thought you had to have long, thick fingers to be awesome at piano, but I guess you disprove that. I also expected you to smile less (considering your Mom says in her book that you chew on piano keys).
    Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised at your seeming light-heartedness. I expected a much more serious girl. :)

  48. Tiger Mother obviously knows an important truth: all her critics would never stand by her side to share in her child's failures because she folllowed their philosophy of lazy indifference. Thank you for appreciating a good and purposeful parent. They are uncommon. Brian

  49. Do you wish your mother did not publish the book? Have you wondered why she cannot wait until you and Lulu grow old enough to face these difficult "spotlights"? You are a brave girl. I cannot image I myself in your position.

  50. Sophia, hope you don't mind the question: how come Yale pays (partially at least) for your education, no matter where you study? Is this a privilege accorded to children of the alumni?

    And how do you plan to be financially independent during college? Do you think of finding a full-time job?

  51. So let me get this straight:

    You've hounded your kids in a nearly criminal fashion while robbing them of an enjoyable childhood, but you let your daughter wear those skanky little shorts? At least she's good to look at LOL!

    Have a little consistency with your child abuse, would you?

  52. Hi Sophia,

    Do you believe in fate?

    I checked my email this morning and when I logged out, I saw news that you started a blog. I didn't really know about Tiger Mom (at first, I thought there was some relation to Tiger Woods ?!? Sorry...), so needless to say I didn't know who you were. So I googled the Tiger Mother and here I am. I just like to share my perception with you. However, I will be really busy in the next few days, so if I remember, I will be back and finish my post. For now, I think Harvard ... my next post will be with reasons. Good luck.

  53. Hi Sophia,
    I'm a twenty-something Asian girl, and after reading your blog, I'm so convinced to be a tiger mom myself later when I have kids!
    Your mom sounds adorable actually and congrats again for both Yale and Harvard acceptance. You'll be great in either school.
    Ps: both you and your sister are so pretty, love it!

  54. Tiger Cub--

    I'm impressed with you. You're intellectual skills are above your age and your looks are even greater!

    Come to California please!

  55. Might I just say that some of these people leaving comments are extremely rude. What need is there to put her down? Congrats on all your accomplishments Sophia. Your family must be very proud!

  56. Hey Sophia!

    Congratulations on getting into not one, but two prestigious schools! Wishing you the best, in whichever major you choose!

    I have to admit, until today I hadn't really paid much attention to the whole Tiger Mom thing. I generally try to stay away from things like this, the drama can be just a little too much sometimes! Anyway, I read the article your mom wrote, and then your defense, and I have to say I'm very impressed with both of you! Impressed with your mom because she had the guts to raise you and your sister in such a "controversial" way, and impressed by you because you have obviously grown into a mature, intelligent and independent woman.

    Reading your letter to your mother made me tear up, thinking about the way I treated my parents when I wasn't allowed to do something. You are a rare thing in this world. Instead of becoming bitter about the childhood you had, you have embraced it (maybe with some kicking and screaming), and you have taken advantage of the parenting you had, and have become a diamond because of it. I can only hope that one day, when I have kids, I will have the guts, fortitude, perseverance and selflessness that your mother had, so that my kids turn out as strong and self-secure as you.

    Thank you for starting this blog, I will definitely be following your posts!

    - Sarah

  57. We can always debate specifics, however as a parent of two elementary children, I honestly think that if there were more parents in this culture like your mother, then our jobs in the US would not be shipping overseas. Great job on your college acceptances. Well done. Don't forget that you get the credit for your hard work, too. It's not just your mom. ;)

  58. Responsible, well-rounded with a good sense of humor, and smart, of course :) I have only read a sample of your mom's book, but am looking forward to reading the rest. I agree with Anonymous above regarding the lack of true parenting in our culture.

  59. Great thing you started a blog. I am an educationist and want to explore some of the traits your mum brought you and your sister up with. So here is the question for you:
    Does learning require a change in behavior or can you learn something without changing your behavior? If learning can occur without a change in behavior, how would you know someone had learned something?

  60. I'm sending my love mainly because you listen to Daft Punk.

    "nuff said broski"

    Other things, too, I guess. Congrats on the college decision!

  61. Why are you waving a Chinese flag if you're American?

  62. Hi Sophia,

    My dad (now passed) was the typical Chinese dad who would say no and it ALWAYS means no, or would only let us watch TV 1 hour per day (Wheel of Fortune or Win, Lose or Draw, usually) and let us play Scrabble every Sunday. When I tell my friends how I was brought up (not allowed to go out with friends until I'm 17) I can basically hear their silent gasps.

    I understand how people perceive it but my dad would also lay in bed with us at night for his animated story-telling session and made sure we were all asleep before leaving our room.

    I guess since most my friends are Malay (I'm of mixed blood - my Mom's Malay) and they don't see that as a norm and I should guess that people in United States don't see that way of parenting there that often that they find it harsh.

    Kudos to your Mom for making sure you'd succeed in life and kudos to you for creating this blog.

    All the best!

  63. I don't understand why your mom didn't allow for participation theater. Drama teaches many important life skills -- empathy, memory, public performance. It depends understanding of characters, enhances awareness of one's body, yada yada.

    Any thoughts on that?

  64. you are EXTREMELY hilarious.

  65. What did I expect you to be like?
    Smart, insightful, humble without false modesty, and clever, wielding a gentle sense of humor modulated by compassion.

    If that is the impression you hoped to convey, congratulations! You succeeded.

    Best wishes for your continued success.

  66. I'm impressed .. You're intellectual skills are far above your age and your looks are simply stunning ! You are the prettiest girl i have ever seen in my life. Good luck with whatever comes your way in life.

  67. much more down to earth than i expected. but your current playlist is unfortunate.
    sample country...try the old and new. it speaks to everyone

  68. You should not be picking on your mom.

  69. i think it is both sad and interesting that you needed your mom to be SOOOO strict on you in order to achieve a goal like HARVARD or YALE. I wonder who will hold you accountable when you all alone behind closed doors hours from mom and you relize the one thing ALL college kids do. "if mom doesnt know it wont hurt her" just remember that mom will not always be there to hold you accountable. when that happens you just might start wishing you had been a little more social and leanred some of the more simple life skills. you are very smart and talented but just in simple conversation and the fact that you have a sense of humor in all this when your family recieves death threats makes me wonder if you havent been exposed to the "WORLD" enoough. one last question why was it such a big deal to get into harvard and yale? have you paid attention to the news and statistics yet?? College degrees DO NOT hold hardly as much value as they use to. the chances of you being unemployed after college is HUGE. I wish you all the luck. unfortunetly due to your mothers choices you will be in the SPOTLIGHT for many years to come. IF you FAIL trust me you will more than just your mother to answer to. im sure there will tons of headlines if you even make one wrong move. good luck thats alot of pressure

    1. she will not fail. she is perfect, hard working and very smart.
      didn;t you undersdtand that her mom's prenting produced perfect result. Failure proof adult? And jpbless tiger cub? No way.

      Tiger cubs choose mployeable degrees. Like MD's of which there is shortage... good luck to YOU

  70. As a teacher and soon to be parent, I loved the book your mom wrote and I'm enjoying your blog to date. I teach and will hopefully parent along the same lines as your mother cause I deeply believe people will attain whatever the minimum expectations set forth for them no matter where those levels are set.

    I wish you the best and I'm sure you've learned enough about life to maintain the balance of fun and work for the rest of your life.

    Stay smart about what you do and have fun!

  71. I love your blog. I was also aghast at what I had heard about your mom's book. To be fair I did not read it. I had to comment to your question. I did not expect you to be so cool! Good luck in your college decision!

  72. I am proud of you and your mother. Every parents that want their child to make it should have your book and it should be in every school. The other countries have the same mind set as your mother. Do not change. These idiots that want to pamper their children and let them do what they want to do, have failures as children. We are telling our kids to do what they like, and they are becoming zeros! Stay in touch and stay focus. Have you though about majoring in Film Directing or Producing? God Bless.
    V.L. Finley

  73. Hm, very cool that you are writing a blog. I think I'll check in every so often. I didn't read the rest of the comments, so I have no idea if anybody mentioned this, but the only thing I found very uncool in your answers was the part about Charlie Sheen. Ya, ha the remix is funny, but you know he's a wife-beater and drug user, right? I don't really think anybody who supports this awful person is really that great or thinking for themselves - maybe your mom could step in here.

  74. @9:39

    It is a HUGE deal to get into a great school. Regardless of the current economic state, you don't get into graduate school unless you go to a great undergraduate school. You don't get into many professional careers unless you go to graduate school. So even though the people who spend four years in university and then try to find work are having a tough time, people who continue on (like Sophia may choose to do) are thrilled to get into such good schools. So you should be happy for her, not critical. Think big, not small. And I think the rest of your comments are small-minded as well. Don't attribute other people's failings in responsibility and accountability to someone who by all accounts seems to keep herself responsible and accountable.

    Congrats Sophia, I hope you love college and everything that comes after. I graduate law school in one month and I feel like just yesterday I was getting my acceptance letters (even though it was seven years ago).

  75. why you holding chinese flag?
    your mom was from philipines, right?
    so actually your mom is not really chinese.

  76. How much do you have to practice the piano and when did you start? If you played in Carnegie Hall at the age of 14, you must be REALLY good.

  77. I thought your mom should have taught you that not to care what others think about you. Or is that what you learned from her " say one thing do another"?

  78. Loved your mother's book. Thought you'd be quite normal and dare I say, more intelligent and well-adjusted than kids your age. Don't think I was incorrect.

  79. You sound like a really nice well balanced girl.

    I must comment on the Carnegie Hall thing, though. Most people don't know that anyone can perform in Carnegie Hall. You simply rent it. (There is more than one performing space. One is dedicated to rentals.)

  80. I've never heard of your mom (or her book) until last week when I picked up a Time magazine at an auto shop. I'm intrigued.

    I figure you're like the rest of us... craving praise from mom and dad. You'll eventually grow into your own (tiger), find a career, and live happily ever after - not necessarily in that order;)

    Best of luck!D

  81. Aww... I wish I was as intelligent as you are... congratulations! Please give my regards to Lulu for me ^_^

  82. So here's a question for all of you: from everything you've read...what did you expect me to be like? Tell me in a comment. Be honest :)-I still wouldn't know... honestly it takes a rocket scientist to really understand how the human brain works not to mention a brain as complex as yours but it would really help If I get to meet you personally or talk with you though that would be a long shot because I'm from the Philippines. So here's a virtual coffee for you in the meantime. Yes I am reading the book of your mom I have yet to finish it I will give you an idea as soon as I finish it. Shine on!

  83. Hi Sophia!!

    I'm really glad you've decided to blog. I think it's really brave of you. I've read your mom's book and I must say I found it an interesting read. I don't agree with her on most parts, but I loved how determined she was to do what's best for you and Lulu. I'm really amazed at how much strength she had. So naturally I'm glad to hear that all ends well, you kids turned out fine (great in fact!) and you love your mom and know that in her heart she was just doing what she thought was best for you.... that's important to remember regardless how much you resent her actions. Being an Asian myself (Malaysia) and raised by rather strict parents I guess I'm not 'shocked' as other western readers out there. I'll continue to read your blog for sure, just to read bout what's going on in your life, getting to know you I guess... what I WOULD love to read is about how you get along with Lulu, how different and similar you both are... I've got 3 sisters myself and have 3 girls (7,4,1) and am extremely fascinated with how siblings get along with each other and all that stuff (2nd child syndrome)... maybe it'll shed an insight on my girls...

    oh this is too long! aaaaaaanyways, all the best to you and Lulu. Take care of each other and take care of your parents. You are obviously blessed.

  84. Honestly, I'm surprised you buy the "best and brightest" marketing. I know that teaching you to think for yourself wasn't your parents' mission statement, but you're smart and will likely see the Ivy League mentality for what it is eventually: elitist, bigoted, and aggressively closed-minded. I know it seems cool to be liberal now, but a good education is mutually exclusive to indoctrination and groupthink.

  85. I expected you to be really weird and likr, boring. Your blog has helped clear some of those misconceptions :D But my mom wants me to actually PRACTISE piano now!!!:(

  86. Hi There,

    I am actually sitting with a blogging student of mine who is very curious why you chose that particular flag?

    1. There's such a thing as a blogging student?

      It's the Chinese flag. My mom wrote a book about being strict and Chinese. In the photo, I'm holding a Chinese flag, but not in a serious way. It's basically saying that I'm an unlikely/ironic flagbearer for "traditional Chinese" anything. Also I was vain in high school and thought I looked good in the photo.