why i'm spending a ton of money and time to go home and vote tomorrow

Well, the most pressing reason is because I forgot to request an absentee ballot. But that's not what I mean:

I am voting because I believe in freedom.
I am voting because I don't want my life choices dictated by someone else's religious beliefs.
I am voting because I don't want a president who thinks the dollars of the wealthy are sacred, but my body is his to control.

I am voting because I don't want a president who thinks it was "tragic" to bring our troops home from Iraq.
I am voting for the candidate who respects all men and women in uniform, regardless of their sexual orientation.
I am voting for the Commander in Chief who made good on his promise to kill Osama bin Laden, and who supports veterans with concrete legislation instead of photo ops.

I am voting because I believe you have the right to what you earn, and to me that says you shouldn't have to take a pay cut for being a woman.
I am voting because I believe you earn with help. Yes, I worked my butt off my whole life so I could come to Harvard. But schoolteachers taught me how to write essays and do division. They were able to do that because citizens paid to found a school, and construction workers built it from the ground up. I was able to go because my parents worked to send me there. They did so because their own parents taught them to value education. My grandparents were able to immigrate to the USA because they were offered student loans.
I am voting because I believe in lending a hand to help others get on their feet.

I am voting because I respect the elderly, who deserve the security of Medicare and many of whom have already saved $600 on prescription drugs since the Affordable Care Act was passed.
I am voting because I value education. One candidate in this election has helped 10 million students afford college through Pell Grants, prevented student loans from doubling, and is granting work permits to save smart, driven, patriotic students from deportation. The other candidate tells students to go to for-profit colleges like Full Sail University, which offers degrees in video game design and in which -- shocker! -- this candidate has a financial stake.

I am voting because I don't want to pay for a chain smoker's massively expensive late-stage cancer treatment, when I could instead pay $5 for a preventative screening that could save his life.
I am voting because I'd rather pay for a teenager's birth control than see her drop out of high school to raise yet another impoverished, unwanted child.
I am voting because a battered woman should not be denied health insurance for the pre-existing condition of domestic abuse.

I am voting because I believe in America, and in the freedom, dignity, and promise for which it stands.
I am voting because, in my mind, there has never been so much on the line.
Tomorrow, I am voting for Barack Obama.


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  2. Excellent post. Your views are very well stated and I totally agree with you! Especially your second to last point about there being so much on the line. I'll be voting for him tomorrow too!

  3. I wish you were on Tumblr so I could reblog this. My thoughts exactly.

  4. Thank you for this well written post. You wrapped up my thoughts beautifully! Obama 2012!

  5. You Go Sophia!!!!

  6. If I may ask, why are you not voting by mail ballot, and instead going home and voting in person?

  7. Well said! Are you skipping classes to vote though? tsk tsk... :)

  8. Your employer's insurance not being required to cover contraceptives and morning-after drugs = "life choices dictated by someone else's religious beliefs"?

    "I believe you earn with help" ... which candidate would disagree with anything in this paragraph?

    "I respect the elderly, who deserve the security of Medicare" ... and the health care reform law took $700+ bil in medical fee reductions, which will probably drive providers out, and used them to pay for Obamacare. If the reductions were legit, they should've been used to shore up Medicare for those elderly.

    "the pre-existing condition of domestic abuse" ... 42 states already barred this; much more modest legislation could have barred it nationally without Obamacare (a massive entitlement in a country with a debt that's already exploding)

    I take it you didn't feel like making the slightest effort to convince anybody who doesn't already agree with you?

    1. Debt from Obamacare? Oh God...the things people regurgitate.

    2. Sorry for the unnecessarily sharp tone at the end of my orig post.

  9. There are public universities that offer video game design degrees too. Can we cut their funding? :)

  10. Preach, sista!

    I'd vote for Obama too if I was a US citizen. Unfortunately I'm not, so I'm sending him good luck from Australia! And retweeting his campaign tweets furiously.
    Good to see you blogging again :)

  11. wait, isn't the right to what you earn a fiscally conservative principle (not saying i agree with it)

    perhaps bad phrasing...?

    1. intentional. i'm trying to suggest that this "conservative" principle has implications we might not have considered.

  12. Would you identify yourself as a feminist?

  13. It's good to see you back on the blog, even if only to write about views you've pretty much already expressed over twitter or your blog.

    Since I'd wager that you know more about the military than I do: how do you feel about Obama's use of drones in Pakistan, and his use of executive power in arresting and targeting private citizens? Like, I voted for Obama, (absentee ballot in Ohio) but those things make me very, very uncomfortable with him. So many people criticize Bush for all the civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Obama seems equally okay with pushing around and killing the innocent, private citizens of other countries. I absolutely think that the U.S. president should not have that power. I'm fairly certain that I'd prefer Obama to Romney, but filling out my ballot felt like deciding between eating sawdust or going hungry.

    Not that I actually expect you to answer those questions, or that I expect any candidate to be perfect. But whenever I see a completely partisan, gung-ho piece like yours about the candidates my knee-jerk reaction is to say "but wait". It's never that simple, and you know it.

    Hoping you'll post more soon! (or at least let us know if you're tired of the blog. it's not like my life is totally consumed with fruitlessly checking here for new posts, but a quick twitter update on whether you actually plan to keep it up would be appreciated.)

    1. I know it's not my place to answer but I'm always tickled by this kind of response (which I suspect is the mindset of those so-called undecided voters) that I'm tempted to reply. I completely understand the metaphor of having to choose between eating sawdust or going hungry, but doing either one is better than not doing anything at all, don't you think?

      None of the options seems like a clear-cut winner but if it were me, I'd choose to go hungry because eating sawdust can kill you but if I stay hungry, at least I won't die right away and perhaps if I keep going, a little down the road I might stumble upon something more edible. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

      So that's how I feel about the Election (and life in general), it's about doing your best and making a decision you think best instead of making THE perfect decision. So no matter if you vote for Romney of Obama, it's still much much much better than to not vote at all.


  14. Maybe this isn't your intention, but the part about teen moms comes off as classist and not in line with the rest of what your arguments. There's a disconnect between supporting giving people a leg up on the one hand while implying on the other hand that young and/or poor mothers inevitably drop out of school (Are they so undeserving of the support that everyone else -- immigrants, the uninsured, the abused -- the should get?), never want their children, and are generally a miserable, unfortunate group that needs to disappear. Notice how the discourse revolves around the mothers, too, as if the boys/men who cause unplanned pregnancies don't need to care about the situation at all. http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/05/teen_pregnancy_prevention_and_stigma.html

    1. I don't think that's her intention at all. She's being outspoken about her particular preferences, and isn't trying to do an analysis on any kind of issue in this post.

  15. Clear, cogent, and adept as usual, Sophia.

    I'm voting for Obama tomorrow as well.

    Please write more when you can!

  16. Davinci was an unwanted child. So was Eminem. I guess you want to force other people to pay for their rubber (a recreational activity), but don't want the law to "force" your body (and that other body in your body, btw, which is not yours) to do something.

    How would you feel over killing Eminem-or Davinci?

    I wish you were not biased-people do not like this sort of thing. But that probably won't change.

    1. I hate when people say things like "I wish you were not biased". This is politics. Of course you have an opinion. You SHOULD have an opinion on how you feel about these sorts of issues. If you are unbiased about everything, where does that leave us? You have to pick a side on the things that are important to you, and then vote that way. That's part of the way this country works.

      Also... "People do not like this sort of thing" ? Then people shouldn't read the internet.

    2. Hahahahaha... 'Then people shouldn't read the internet'... FTW!

  17. I love your blog and have followed it for a while. While our political views differ enormously, I am proud that you are exercising your right to vote. As a Marine, the last election, my husband and I were both in Iraq and our absentee ballots never made it to us. I was upset that as a servicemember, I give up so many of my constitutional rights, but one of the ones I do rate (the right to vote) was not afforded to me because of circumstances beyond my control. It makes me happy that people like you do exercise the rights that my family has tirelessly defended for the last 10 years.

  18. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    You are born in upper-middle class household, your mother and father gave you every possible opportunity that exists on planet earth, and you give yourself right to say that it's better to kill a child then bear it to be "unwanted"? Was Synthia, your mothers sister with Down syndrome unwanted child, Sophia? What do you think about her? Tell us. You are just arrogant because you think you became expert on every possible subject since you got in Harvard. You mention that over and over again like it's the most important thing in the world. And the truth is - you are just pretentious, and you don't even know what you are talking about.

    Barack Obama was unwanted child.
    Steve Jobs too.

    And many, many others.

    And they became greater people than your parents, thats for sure. They reshaped the world.

    1. Really? You just KNOW what's right and what is the truth?
      You should be ashamed yourself to be this hatred and close-minded.

    2. About this particular matter, I'm right. You can't deny me. As simple as that.

      And I don't hate anyone, especially not Sophia (I adored her before this), or her parents, whom I supported from the start of BHOTM controversy. Simply, her unjustifyingly self-assured, arrogant comment that implicates it would be better for those "unwanted" children how she called them, to not be born at all, then to live and try to emerge victorious from their situation, makes me sick. She, of all people... from completely different position, gave her judgment blindly and made a mistake.

      I'm sorry, but... that's the way I see it. And I know i'm right.

    3. Call it "Not planned to have" children will make you feel better? If you read the whole sentence, she was talking about the alternative to avoid all this - birth control. Nothing said to abandon them once they were born. You got some twisted logic. It doesn't matter, because you KNOW you are right.

    4. I have a fantastic idea. Since Sophia, aka little miss Harvard, (alas, we must never forget) has President Obama's thoughts, dreams, motivations down to a hair, she can donate every dime she earns in the next 4 years to help fund teens sexcapades or a helpless woman's psych sessions. Forget Starbucks honey, the USA is broke and you've decided to save the world. Talk is cheap and the deficit is in the trillions. Put your money where your mouth is.

    5. So much bitterness inside you, get a real life!

    6. I don't think it's fair to name call Sophia based on her opinions. To each their own, yes? And this is her personal blog where she expresses her personal opinion.
      Also, I don't know why people keep bringing up all these successful/famous/intelligent people who were "unwanted" babies. I'm sure there are just as many unwanted children who turned out to be murderers or criminals, or just plain mean people. It's not a matter of who is already born and have grown up. It's a matter of new technology. Today women can be in more control over their own bodies, and access to contraceptives is different than access to abortions. Sophia said nothing about abortions, so I'm not sure what your problem with her post is...

    7. Ahem I became pregnant when I was in college, and had an abortion, because I did NOT want a child at this point in my life and I have NEVER regretted this decision. In fact, I feel grateful that I was in a country where I have rights over my own body, and was able to make a decision that shaped my future.
      Besides, Sophia spoke about birth control, not abortions... My point is, to each their own, I don't think Sophia said anything offensive about children or anyone. It is sickening really to read and hear about all those pro-life speeches that try to demonize women... If you don't believe in abortions, don't get one, I don't understand why people want to dictate others what to do with their bodies. Seriously, let it go!

  19. Awesome! And you're back!

  20. I admire you so much, Sophia! :) Obama 12!!

  21. I am voting because Obama does not have gray hair only at the sides of his head.
    I am voting because Obama rules!
    Today, i am voting for you because you rock!!!

    1. this is the same person who wrote this,

      I am voting because i love your blogs
      I am voting because i really admire you
      I wish you were president:)

    2. No offense, but talking about Harvard disgustsme. JK :)

  22. Tiger Cub, you just devastated me. You are just like any other leftist liberals who think they are always right. You are a very smart person and yet your political diatribe is so incoherent.

    1. She's a very smart person. Enough said. Proud of NHS in the UK!! Extremely relieved reader of New Tiger in Town.

    2. I appreciate Sophia (as well as her parents and grandparents - especially great scienties Leon) tremendously, but I was very angry when I read what she wrote about "unwanted" children. I just don't think that there are lots of people who are in the position to judge something like this, especially those who didn't have close touch with that kind of situation. And Sophia actually did, but she follows certian principles blindly, without thinking, which is stupid. I just don't think she is in a position to categorise those children as "unwanted" and put them in the box, like their situation is helpless from the very beginning. There are so many examples of so-called "unwanted" children, who actually did better then those with great backrounds, stable famililes and great opportunities being thrown at their feet.

    3. Thank you for your reply (I mean this genuinely). Just a couple of points though. First, I'd be surprised if it is the case that Sophia blindly followed certain, let's say, liberal principles. Indeed, I suspect that Sophia is - rightly - critical of overly simplistic liberal thinking. Second, the reference to 'unwanted' children has clearly hit a nerve. But I didn't get the impression that Sophia's point here was that there are children unwanted by society as a whole. Instead, was she not ultimately defending contraception - family planning rather than the arguably riskier approach of family-by-accident (which, of course, need not necessarily condemn a child born in such circumstances). I appreciate you may not think contraception should be defended. In any case, your reply to me has taught me some humilty. I do not agree with your position and yet I see that you have a viewpoint that you have given careful consideration to. What to do? Ideally, let's not fight :)

  23. The way you put it is so simple and concrete yet so coherent and persuasive. Sigh, if only more people could read this!

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    1. HUMMMM....I don't see General Colin Powell here??????????????

  25. Just go here to see all of them...you get the picture.


  26. Sophiaa I missed you!

  27. I think you're too self-absorbed, but who is not? We all just deny. Read your mom's book, in 4 hours (alright, maybe 4 and 1/2). I couldn't put it down. I wish I could put down my weirdness the way you do but I lack the words.

  28. I think that Sophia has a right to her opinion, as we all do, and there is no "right" or "wrong" in moral issues or politics. Also, there are as many intelligent and eloquent Democrats as there are Republicans.
    To call her self-absorbed, ignorant, cruel, or any of the above insults is to be just as ignorant, because you have not considered that there could be any other possible right answer other than your own. Notice that she did not directly bash anyone in doing this. She simply stated her opinion. Meanwhile, after posting this she received doubts on her character, her intelligence, and the extent of her ego, something we all obviously have if we think we can be any more right than anyone else.
    I realize that simply by stating this I am exercising my right to an ego, and also it's not like everyone is bashing her, not in the least, but I just wanted to say that I don't believe some of the talk saying she should be ashamed or she is being cruel is necessary.

  29. Ewww, for-profit U, I do really hate those. You know what I love about this whole thing is no one talks about getting people involved in their communities doing volunteer work, people having morals so we don't need planned parenthood. Instead their talking about how they will strengthen the police departments and hand out free condoms on the streets of LA.

  30. Hi Sophia, glad you're blogging again. I wrote something about the election, too...hope you'd drop by and read it. Thanks.


  31. i agree with the birth control thing. we aren't allowed to learn about contraceptives in health and we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country

  32. for god's sake!
    could you just stop boasting about Harvard!
    It's ok!
    Now just calm down with it.

  33. haha it's great to be criticized by random people for voicing your thoughts isn't it! regardless of content and wording, gutzy post - don't get discouraged

  34. I have a question for Sophia:

    Sophia, could you ever marry someone who had not attended an Ivy League college?

    I'm asking, because - judging by your attitude, and attitude of your family (chinese side, to be more precise), it's a matter of life and death.

    Not to mention the fact that you keep bringing Harvard topic up, almost like it means you achieved something that nobody else did, and it's actually pretty random thing, if you consider it properly. It's just a great school, one of many in the world. And you are just one of the people who got proper qualifications needed to attend it. So get over yourself - there were, and still are, thousands of people who attended, and will attend Harvard, and other Ivy League schools. You are not the only one.

    I mean, it's ridiculously superficial..

  35. Oh for Pete's sake, this is her blog, she has the right to express her thoughts and opinions! If her mentioning Harvard (or anything you deem hoity-toity) irritates you, don't read her posts.

  36. It may be interesting to note the percentage of Harvard, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth grads gaining entrance to medical and veterinary school is below the average of 1st thru 3rd tier LACs and State Universities. Considering the replies here, Sophia is tooting her own Harvard horn, and not many are responding positively. While it's admirable to gain admission to a college that takes only 8% of its applicants, much of the mystique is drowning in the assumption that a chosen applicant does not often translate to greatness in life. It's encouraging to see proud college students but disturbing to see gross self-absorbtion over a collegiate brand, such as Haaaaaavard.

    1. Again, get a life! YOU have a self-esteem problem.
      And please tell Romney and Obama to pity on themselves because they didn't get into medical school because the wrong school they choose.
      Leave Sophia along!

    2. This posts are not being written by same person... just to mention

  37. Hmm, there seems to be a spike in the number of haters for this post. Then again, I suppose most of your readers don't have anything to disagree with, and not much to comment on, now that the elections are done. I hope everyone will still stay interested in the issues! Love your post and blog! :) <3

  38. People are always concerned about the state of the economy, their own financial situation and world affairs. Yet many of the most vocal people don't exercise their right to vote. It is important to get out there and cast your vote.

  39. I disagree with "I believe you have the right to what you earn." I don't think individuals should always feel entitled to money that they get paid from a job, and expect that there'll always be something to buy with it. A lot of people justify having a lot of money by saying "they worked hard for it," but it really boils down to the economy being healthy enough to allow it, and to a bunch of other predetermined factors that allowed them to get hired to that job. I'm definitely not agreeing with communism, because it's just how it is that some people have more potential than others. The prevailing American attitude is that "I earned it, so it's mine and no one else's" or "I deserved this because I worked hard," and it's only because we live such secure lives.

  40. I agree with many of your statements and political beliefs. However, I also agree with many people on the whole Harvard issue. It would be nice to stop boasting about that. While you may not intend for it to come off that way, it does give off an arrogant vibe.

    "Yes, I worked my butt off my whole life so I could come to Harvard. " There are so many barriers-- race, class, gender, etc. The statements in your post following this sentence do not justify much.
    In Battle Hymn, your mom mentioned in the very beginning that her goal was to raise "successful children." In multiple interviews, I feel like she contradicted what she wrote. Okay, yes, she assumes strength in her children rather than weakness. I clearly see that. Throughout the memoir it seemed that her vision of "success" was a narrow one-- to raise children that are academically strong. Now that you are at Harvard, is her job done? Was she successful? Like others have mentioned, going to a prestigious, private, expensive college like Harvard is one issue. Life after college is another issue. I'm sure there are many people just as happy as you are in public colleges and will see a future just as bright as yours in the near future.

    Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

  41. Great post! What's with all the people complaining about Harvard? Sophia mentioned it once in the post. If you have a problem with people who went/are going to an Ivy League school, you clearly have some issues about inferiority and shouldn't be reading her blog in the first place!

    1. Just my two cents: For the most part I feel like Sophia doesn't boast on here. I agree with a lot of what the person below (at 2:49) says; she lives at the school, so of course it's going to factor into what she writes, especially when so many people ask her questions like, "what classes are you taking?" That's not bragging, it's just logical cause-and-effect.

      The only time I felt like she needed to step off a little was in this particular post, when she says, "I worked my butt off my whole life so I could come to Harvard". That part seemed a little dramatic to me. I also attend an Ivy League school, and while I was by no means disadvantaged, I did not have many of the enviable advantages that Sophia had: private school, private lessons, a nanny to teach me a foreign language in childhood, round-the-world vacations, legacy, etc. But even without those things, I'd still feel uncomfortable and showy saying that I "worked my butt off" to get to where I am now. Yes, getting into these types of schools requires effort, but it's not like you've got to have your nose to the grindstone every second in order to become an Ivy-quality applicant. But mostly that statement stood out to me because I feel like her larger point in that paragraph is to talk about how we all benefit from the work of others, and we don't really accomplish much all on our own-- which she kind of carries off, except for that one line. It's just too easy to be like, "Um, hunny..." and write her off as doing a bit too much of a martyr act there. Not that she had any say in the advantages she was born with, or that we should hold that against her; I just feel like she could have made her point more effectively by toning down that line a bit. I know that modesty (or it's much classier sister, humility) doesn't really run in Sophia's family, but when in doubt: choose modesty.

      But generally, yeah, I don't think she's boasting about Harvard. And I think we're all (myself included, I'm embarrassed for even writing this much about it now) overanalyzing this a bit too much. Like, I realize this post wasn't quite as benign as some others, but I think we could all do with a collective chill pill on here.

  42. Sophia isn't boasting about Harvard. She lives there right now, she goes to school there, and most of her life is spent there. The fact that Harvard is mentioned when she talks about her life isn't because she's trying to brag about it, it's because it is constantly present in her life. No one should have to be ashamed for being successful, and no one should have to hide it.

    1. I agree with you on this...but in all fairness, if she wanted to brag about Harvard, I say all the power to her! Of all the nonsense people brag about, at least that's a heck of an accomplishment :-)

  43. Glad to see you back on the blog Sophia! Kudos to you for making an informed choice and participating in the political process of America :-)

  44. Nice post, I just didn't get how you are spending a lot of money to vote????????????????

  45. Maybe you should go check out the New Haven ghettos once in a while, Sophia....

    You strike me as very spoiled. But you're young, and that's the time to feel good about yourself. You'll see things differently in the future.

  46. First of all, brilliantly written post (as always), and I commend you for being vocal in your political beliefs. A heartfelt congrats from the non-American world to you and other Americans who wanted Obama to win.

    But I am intrigued by your RT "chutzpah" to an IDF tweet. I can't tell if you meant that in a positive or a negative sense.

  47. You have made the right choice, I am loving it as well as your blog entry. Continue blogging, you are doing an excellent job of it.

  48. Hi Sohpia-- what do you think about Ron Paul?

  49. Preach it sista!!! Your blog, your views!!! It's totally awesome that you chose to educate yourself on the issues that are important to you and involve yourself in the political process! My oldest child will turn 18 in 2016, and I've already told her, we're registering her to vote on her bday!

  50. Great post, Sophia. Don't take the personal comments personally. I commend you for voicing your opinion.

  51. congrats on choosing a major! how did you decide? :)

    Could you please update?? And if you are going to quit blogging, a heads up please?
    BTW Lulu is hilarious, I don't know how she can be the devilish cub. The way her tweets are worded is beautiful.

  53. Sophia Chua Rubenfeld!
    When are you going to post new postings? I'm craving for more of your adventures and advice! (and pictures!) :)

  54. Saw on your mom's twitter that you're doing sanskrit and philosophy! Would love to hear about it. A blockmate had planned to concentrate in the sciences but then took sanskrit on the first day of college and has never looked back--she's about to start her PhD. So beware (or be joyful) of where the Ramayana will take you.

    Also, a coincidence too funny and too creepy to resist, now that sanskrit has drawn us out of lurking: a while ago when you posted college photos, my freshman year roommates and I realized that you were our suite descendent. PP22 amirite? Some great memories being crammed in that kitchen-turned-bedroom.

    Sorry, may your day continue, without feeling as though your safety has been wildly violated.

  55. What are your thoughts on affirmative action?

  56. And I especially love your wisdom, Wisdom.

  57. Please post a new one at least one blog every 3 weeks, I check all of the time and u never post a new one!!! :(

  58. This, coming from a Harvard student, perfectly illustrates the dying state of American discourse. And the falling intellectual standards of the Ivy League, whose universities can be increasingly bought into by a combination of a huge investment of parental resources, and the assiduous plodding of a run-of-the-mill student.

    1. So wait, if she had written a post supporting Romney, it would uphold the intellectual standards of the Ivy League?

    2. I don't think it has to do with "supporting" either candidate. The text is poorly thought and has a strong militant bias. Moral considerations, context and considerations over the future results of the policies supported by her are avoided and everything is summed up in cliches that can be found in propaganda booklets. I think he says it "perfectly illustrates the dying state of American discourse" because it is rather disappointing to see a Harvard student parroting the "arguments" of Colbert, Jon Stewart and Seth Mcfarlane. A text like this supporting Romney or Paul would be just as objectionable.
      Even here, in the so-called third world, where Liberal thought is dominant, this text wouldn't be taken serious outside of dogmatic militant circles.

      The only moment she escapes from the dogmatic Liberal mindset... she ends up doing the same to the "right", while talking about Israel.
      She reminds me of Sara el-Yafi, another prominent Harvard graduate who is unable to express herself using anything other than propaganda -- in her case, Chomsky, Edward Said, anti-Israel, pro-Hizb'allah propaganda.

  59. Same Anon as above. And the comments here that commend Sophia merely for 'voicing her opinions' and 'being vocal' makes me want to puke. Why have such autistic standards for praise.

    1. You mean autistic like Bill Gates?

  60. You voted for Obama because you Jews are a bunch of hypocrites with an atavistic hatred for whites.


  61. Serious question. Why did you vote for a party that favors racial discrimination against Asians? Or did you just put down "white" to avoid Ivy League anti-Asian bias? Did it work?

    For a long report on the subject, see "The Myth of American Meritocracy - How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?" (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-myth-of-american-meritocracy/)

    1. In a previous blog post, Sophia mentioned she said she was Asian on her applications.


  62. I see that you support the so-called Dream Act...

    The proposed Dream Act needs to be considered realistically. This is massive Amnesty for every illegal alien who can claim, even fraudulently, that they entered before the age of 16 and have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years. The proponents assert that the illegals must serve in the military or attend college. This is not true for several reasons.

    The key reason is that any "qualifying" illegal gets 10 years of legal status simply by applying. Of course, in theory applications can be denied. However, past experience shows that blatantly fraudulent applications will be received in massive numbers and readily accepted. Note that the Dream Act specifically forbids the use of any information received in an application for any immigration enforcement purpose. Apparently, the Dream Act imposes no penalties for fraud no matter how blatant. Of course, it is very unlikely that the Obama administration is going to apply a fine tooth comb to any applicant, particularly when they have millions of forms to consider.

    The age 16 cutoff is quite significant in this context. Aside from the fact that an illegal who entered the U.S. at age 15 really did grow up in Mexico (or anywhere else), the 16 year threshold makes fraud detection rather difficult. If the cutoff was 10 or 12 the Federal government could reasonably insist that each applicant produce school records to show what age they snuck over the border. By contrast a fraudulent applicant can simply claim that they entered at age 15 and went to work shortly thereafter. Of course, they may have really been 25, but who is to say otherwise?

    Once they apply every illegal gets 10 years of legal residence in the U.S. In theory to stay on after 10 years, they have to join the Army or go to college. However, the Dream Act has a "hardship" exemption that anyone can claim. Since even a denied "hardship" claim can be litigated forever, this amounts to "no illegal left behind". The government doesn't have the resources to reject even obviously bogus "hardship" claims given the de fact rule of immigration law ("it ain't over until the illegal wins").

    However, the truth is worse. Even illegals who never lift a pencil or a rifle will engage in activities tying them to America over a ten year period. Some will marry. Others will have children in and out of wedlock (very likely the latter). The notion that Congress, the courts, and Federal bureaucracy are going to remove this illegals after a 10 year hiatus is dubious at best. The bottom line is that this a ten year down payment on permanent Amnesty for every illegal who applies with essentially any convenient fictions on his or her form.

    The next question is what is likely to be the impact of these illegals on our nation. This topic has been extensively researched and the results are highly negative. A number of references make this point all to clearly.

    1. The 1997 National Academy of Sciences study found that each low-skilled immigrant costs $89,000 over the course of his/her lifetime. See External Link

    "The NRC estimates indicated that the average immigrant without a high school education imposes a net fiscal burden on public coffers of $89,000 during the course of his or her lifetime. The average immigrant with only a high school education creates a lifetime fiscal burden of $31,000."

    2. There is little evidence that the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of illegals will do much better. Samuel Huntington looked at this subject in his book, "Who Are We". See Table 9.1 on page 234 or External Link . The bottom line is that educational attainment rises from the first to the second generation and then plateaus at levels far below the national average. For example, even by the fourth generation only 9.6% of Mexican-Americans have a post-high school degree.

  63. Continued,

    3. The Heritage foundation found that low-skill immigrant households impose huge tax costs on Americans. See "The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer" (External Link ). The summary is

    "In FY 2004, low-skill immigrant households received $30,160 per household in immediate benefits and services (direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education, and population-based services). In general, low-skill immigrant households received about $10,000 more in government benefits than did the average U.S. household, largely
    because of the higher level of means-tested welfare benefits received by low-skill immigrant households. In contrast, low-skill immigrant households pay less in taxes than do other households. On average, low-skill immigrant households paid only $10,573 in taxes in FY 2004. Thus, low-skill immigrant households received nearly three dollars in immediate benefits and services for each dollar in taxes paid. A household’s net fiscal deficit equals the cost of benefits and services received minus taxes paid. When the costs
    of direct and means-tested benefits, education, and population-based services are counted, the average low-skill household had a fiscal deficit of $19,588 (expenditures of $30,160 minus $10,573 in taxes)."

    4. Heather MacDonald has written extensively on the bleak realities of mass unskilled immigration. I recommend "Seeing Today’s Immigrants Straight" (External Link ). Key quote

    "If someone proposed a program to boost the number of Americans who lack a high school diploma, have children out of wedlock, sell drugs, steal, or use welfare, he’d be deemed mad. Yet liberalized immigration rules would do just that. The illegitimacy rate among Hispanics is high and rising faster than that of other ethnic groups; their dropout rate is the highest in the country; Hispanic children are joining gangs at younger and younger ages. Academic achievement is abysmal."

    5. Edward P. Lazear's (CEA / Harvard Economics) paper “Mexican Assimilation in the United States” has a wealth of statistics showing the raw deal from south of the border. Summary quote.

    “By almost any measure, immigrants from Mexico have performed worse and become
    assimilated more slowly than immigrants from other countries. Still, Mexico is a huge country, with many high ability people who could fare very well in the United States. Why have Mexicans done so badly? The answer is primarily immigration policy.”

    See also "Lazear on Immigration" (External Link ). Money quote

    "Immigrants from Mexico do far worse when they migrate to the United States than do immigrants from other countries. Those difficulties are more a reflection of U.S. immigration policy than they are of underlying cultural differences. The following facts from the 2000 U.S. Census reveal that Mexican immigrants do not move into mainstream American society as rapidly as do other immigrants."

  64. SS,

    Miss Sophia can speak for herself. However, she isn't Jewish, at least under Jewish law.

    You might also note that the Jewish vote shifted heavily in favor of Romney vs 2008. Obama carried the Jewish vote in both elections, but by a much smaller margin in 2012.

  65. I can't believe "Skeptical Economist" wasted time writing his comments. Really? #1 and #3 ARE ABOUT LEGAL IMMIGRATION since illegals can't receive public benefits since they have no SSN. US born children of illegals, can, however. But other than that, most of your points come from conservative racists. Your points are not right, nor are they wrong, so stop expressing like Sophia is wrong to her opinion and your vague and terrible statistical citations are right.

  66. i'm curious, what did you think about the flyer situation at harvard?

  67. Hi, I just finished your mother's book for a course, and I'm really glad I chose to read it. I'm procrastinating and just looking up your blog out of curiosity. Anyways, I just wanted to share with you that and I wanted to congratulate you on voting for your first time! I voted as well (two-termz! ;) and it was oddly exciting haha. I think you should keep up with your blog, I like your wittiness and jokes!

  68. Can you plz rap to us in Sanskrit now? :D I really enjoyed your rap in Mandarin last year. I hope you're having a relaxing break!!

  69. You forgot to say, I am voting for Barack Obama because his party is a bit better then the other party but both are bad. The illusion of choice/freedom. Freedom to pick between two bad choices.

    Your best strategy would be to vote for Obama but also raise your voice in changing the way things work. The system.